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Create added value for your membership with the Indigo Association Program.

Business Consultation

Join the Association Affiliate Program

Help your members launch their business.  It's easy and at no cost to your organization. 

Ask about options for referral or affiliate agreements!

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Connect Us to Your Membership

We create a promotions page and images to place on your website. 

Ask us about our education events!

Business Conference

Promote and Share

Take a few moments to discuss with your members how affordable resources can make a difference.  


No selling is required. Just let your members know there are options.

Create Your Association Affiliate Program

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Family in the Park

Learn About Your Options

  • Understand your program options

  • Understand the terms of an affiliate agreement

  • Complete the EULA

  • Receive a program code


Connect Us with Your Members

Benefits are just a click away!

  • Get the Easy Start Collaterals.

  • Choose your web elements.

  • Establish Association weblink to Indigo plans.

  • Design a communication plan.

Want to try it first?
Try the program at no risk with our 60-day FREE trial.

Calculate Savings
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Start Sharing

Calculate Savings
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Get Started...

  • Communicate with your members

  • Let us send digital campaigns

  • Offer a FREE benefits consultation with Indigo

  • Share in the monthly fees

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