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One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business comes from managing healthcare for your employees. Without a doubt, your workers’ health is important, but increased healthcare costs make finances difficult to manage. 

Indigo Partners, LLC was created to take care of small business owners so they can take care of their families and employees. 

Attracting and retaining employees is now more crucial than ever. Indigo Partners has a solution. Indigo Partners offers three different healthcare benefits plans to meet all your employees' needs.  

Affordable and accessible healthcare benefits your employees want at a price you can afford. 


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Indigo offers an Affiliate Program for associations and chambers!

Resources for healthcare benefits are available for everyone.


Healthcare Advocacy

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Health & Wellness

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"She just didn't think this kind of thing really happens..."
                          -J's Mom

"J" is a fully insured member who required an emergency surgery. The hospital failed to pre-authorize the surgery resulting in an $89,000 bill that insurance refused to pay. Indigo was able to lower the cost to $8,000 through the use of a patient advocate, who fought on her behalf.

"He thought they had made it to the golden years!  Now, he's fearful for their future..."
                                -D's Advisor

"D" owned and operated his family business for 40 years. He and his wife were looking forward to retirement until he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Since their monthly premium and deductible were so high, his medicine would have cost $800 through his health insurance plan, but Indigo was able to lower the cost to $300 through our partnership with healthPERX and RX Valet.

"She couldn't afford the help she needed and didn't know where to turn..."
                                      -R's Friend

"R" was a hard-working but uninsured employee of a local restaurant. She had a skin infection that increasingly became worse because she could not afford to see a doctor, and she was forced to miss two weeks of work. Had her employer offered an Indigo plan at the time, she could have seen a doctor for $0, been prescribed antibiotics, and missed little if no time at work.

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